Affordable time reporting!

Private individual

For a private individual who would like an easier way to report time to their employer, the app is free!

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If you are an employer, or self-employed you can try out Mobitid for two months for free.

If you decide to continue using Mobitid after this time, your cost will be 100 SEK/month and per employee.
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Time is money

There are about 22 workdays per month and 250 per year - How much of that time does your company spend on reporting time?


Your company has 10 employees making on average 150 kr/hour.

Time reporting

Every day, the average time spent on time reporting is 15 minutes. With 250 work days, you will waste 62 hours on reporting time each year.

Mobitid saves you money

By using Mobitid, that time is reduced to 5 minutes per day. Your company saves at least 10 minutes per day,  50 minutes per week, and 2 500 minutes per year.

Savings in money

With ten people employed, counting both salaries and time savings, your company will save 50 500 kr per year, and that is counting in the low range!
Mobitid saves you money and makes time reporting fun!

Try it yourself with the calculator!

How much would you save? Number of employees
Time saved in minutes, per day
Cost of salaries per hour
Savings per month: 18 568 kr
Savings per year: 211 000 kr
Cost Mobitid: 500 kr/month
Total savings potential per year: 204 938 kr